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A history of advancing surgery

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It all started with a simple question: What if...?

What if there was a better way to help patients heal after surgery? What if we could improve their lives? What if we could change the way surgery was done forever? And in doing so, change the world for the better?

More than 80 years ago, the first group of Ethicon scientists and researchers started to think about healing in a new way. Their questions led to pioneering sutures that advanced surgeons’ work and discoveries that enhanced patients’ lives.

Today, we produce much more than sutures. Working with our customers and partners, we bring meaningful solutions to every area we touch. To wound closure and general surgery. To women’s health and aesthetic medicine. To minimally invasive procedures and metabolic science.

While our world and the field of healthcare have changed, our passion to make a difference for patients remains. As we reach toward every corner of the globe, we remain committed to advancing surgical care and extending patients’ access to health care across the globe.

At Ethicon, we continue to take pride in our heritage. We were founded on innovation and will continue exploring ways to improve surgical outcomes. Improving patient care continues to inspire us to work smarter, partner in more meaningful ways, and never be afraid to imagine a better world by asking the one simple question that started it all. What if…?

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