Our Approach

We aspire that our customers and patients have access to more sustainable and environmentally compliant products and packaging through Product Stewardship.

This integrated process focuses on the entire product lifecycle and calls us to:

We select raw materials to be used in our products and packaging based on customer requirements and preferences, governmental regulations and/or corporate standards.

By practicing Product Stewardship across our entire Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices & Diagnostics division, we fulfill our mission to improve customer, employee and business health by delivering responsible and accessible products and services for today and tomorrow.

Product Stewardship helps us shape the future consistent with Our Credo and our enterprise Citizenship & Sustainability 2020 Goals. It also enables us to build business value through:

  • Reduced product impact on our environment
  • Lower costs for our customers and our company while maintaining high product quality
  • Critical product differentiation by appealing to customers who seek more environmentally sustainable manufacturing options
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