Counterfeit products

How Ethicon is fighting counterfeiting

To help safeguard our products and patient safety, Ethicon is continually developing and applying anti-counterfeiting measures throughout the process of product development, distribution and enforcement:

  • Distribution: Ethicon continues to establish and enforce distribution agreements that include provisions addressing counterfeit product.
  • Identification: Ethicon actively monitors the global marketplace for potential counterfeit products through a combination of product sampling, analysis of customer complaints, and other means. If counterfeit product is confirmed, appropriate health authorities are notified and comprehensive communications are provided to customers so that these products can be identified, quarantined, and appropriate action taken as quickly as possible.
  • Enforcement: Ethicon works with numerous government agencies and business partners around the world to identify counterfeit product manufacturers and distributors. Once they are identified, we vigorously pursue legal actions against those responsible.
  • Prevention: Ethicon periodically institutes new product and packaging features that allow improved tracking of its products through the supply chain. Such features also make it easier to distinguish Ethicon products from counterfeit products.

Working with regulatory agencies, distributors, retailers and healthcare professionals, we are hoping to make significant strides toward the elimination of counterfeit medical devices in the marketplace. We recommend you visit this website periodically for important Counterfeit Product Alerts or updates that may be issued in the future.

How You Can Fight Counterfeiting

  1. Use only authorized distributors. All counterfeit medical devices found in the United States to date were imported from outside the U.S. and sold into the supply chain by unauthorized distributors. The complete list of authorized distributors in the U.S. can be found at
  2. If you discover counterfeit product,
    • Contact the FDA.
    • Report your findings to Ethicon to aid in ongoing investigations and legal actions regarding counterfeit products.

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