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At Ethicon, our first responsibility is to the patients, healthcare professionals and all those who use our products. Counterfeit medical devices have become more prevalent in recent years, posing a very real and potentially serious threat to public health. On those occasions when Ethicon receives and confirms reports about the existence of counterfeit product in a specific market, information is distributed to potentially impacted customers and posted on this website for reference purposes.

Counterfeit product is fake product not made by Ethicon. Use of counterfeit product could result in a threat to patient safety and health. Because Ethicon did not manufacture them, we cannot confirm the performance, mechanical properties, biocompatibility or sterility of these products.

For detailed information regarding known counterfeit product, select the appropriate link from the list below.

If you suspect that you have counterfeit product, you should immediately discontinue its use, quarantine the suspect product and notify the customer complaint department at 1-877-ETHICON (877-384-4266) or your local Ethicon contact, distributor or sales representative.

Learn more about what Ethicon is doing to address the threat of counterfeiting.

Product Category Incident
Clip Appliers Cartridges

COUNTERFEIT LIGACLIP® EXTRA LIGATING CLIP CARTRIDGES (Product Code LT300), discovered in U.S. Updated June 8, 2012

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