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The Marketing Leadership Development Program Summer Internship takes place over a 10-12 week period. This internship provides first-year MBA candidates a platform to demonstrate and develop their marketing skills and leadership abilities, while giving them a strong understanding of the healthcare industry – as well as the culture within our Medical Device businesses.

You’ll take on meaningful challenges from the start

MBA Interns have the opportunity to own a business-critical project in either US Marketing or Global Marketing that can be completed within the duration of their internship. The project will require the MBA Intern to rapidly assess the business opportunities and develop relationships with cross-functional partners. Interns will develop and validate a strategy with a well-defined direction and marketing plan and make a strategic recommendation to senior management.

Opportunities for full-time placement, networking, and mentorship

The program provides successful interns with an opportunity to be considered for placement in our full-time Marketing Leadership Development Program upon graduation. MBA Interns will have networking opportunities with senior leaders, be provided with a mentor and buddy, and will have the resources to explore all that their local environment has to offer.

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