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Advanced Energy

Energy Overview

HARMONIC® Portfolio

ENSEAL® Portfolio

Energy Overview

The Broadest Energy Portfolio*

The leader in advanced energy devices with more than 17 million procedures performed worldwide, Ethicon offers the most complete advanced energy portfolio for open and laparoscopic procedures.

HARMONIC® Ultrasonic Devices – Precision across multiple procedures

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The HARMONIC® Product Portfolio offers precision across multiple surgical specialties. The latest innovation is HARMONIC ACE® + Shears with Adaptive Tissue Technology, which enables more precise energy delivery and improved temperature management.

ENSEAL® Advanced Bipolar Devices – Seals like no other

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The ENSEAL® Product Portfolio brings a new level of assurance to sealing large vessels up to 7mm.


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One simple, compact generator and a full line of accessories for both HARMONIC® and ENSEAL® Devices.

Site References

  • * EES currently sells more than 28 advanced energy devices, Covidien and Olympus sell fewer than 20 advanced energy devices. Per company websites, August 2011.
  • Internal sales data as of June 10, 2013.
  • vs. HARMONIC ACE® without Adaptive Tissue Technology.
HARMONIC® Portfolio

HARMONIC® Shears and Blades – Precision across multiple procedures

The HARMONIC® Product Portfolio provides precision across multiple surgical specialties.

  • Jaw and blade are uniquely designed for precise dissection, sealing and transection
  • Ultrasonic energy results in minimal lateral thermal spread*
  • Adaptive Tissue Technology, the newest advancement in the HARMONIC Product Portfolio, enables more precise energy delivery and improved temperature management

No other energy-based surgical device offers the degree of precision found in the HARMONIC Product Portfolio.

HARMONIC ACE® + Shears with Adaptive Tissue Technology
Greater precision through regulated energy delivery

14cm length for open procedures and 45cm length for obese and bariatric patients

Precise and versatile for enhanced tissue dissection, coagulation and transection

HARMONIC FOCUS® Long Curved Shears
For deep access procedures

Swiftly cuts and coagulates vessels and tissue

Cut and coagulate simultaneously, sealing vessels at lower temperatures than electrosurgery

HARMONIC® Hand Pieces
Reusable hand pieces power all HARMONIC® Devices

There is a full line of HARMONIC® Accessories.

Site References

  • * Supporting evidence is claim C1390 DSL 12-1527.
  • vs. HARMONIC ACE® without Adaptive Tissue Technology.
ENSEAL® Portfolio

ENSEAL® Tissue Sealers – Seals like no other

ENSEAL® Tissue Sealers bring a new level of confidence and consistency to sealing large vessels up to 7mm. ENSEAL® Tissue Sealer Technology delivers several sealing advancements.

  • Secure: Seals and cuts up to 7mm vessels and lymphatics* consistently through high uniform compression
  • Gentle: Seals vessels with minimal lateral thermal spread

ENSEAL® G2 Articulating Tissue Sealers
The first 5 mm articulating tissue sealer

ENSEAL® G2 Curved and Straight Tissue Sealers
For laparoscopic and open procedures

ENSEAL® G2 Super Jaw Tissue Sealer
Strong on sealing, gentle on tissue

Site References

  • * Studies conducted on porcine mesentery. Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc., Data on file.
  • In a preclinical study with ENSEAL® G2 Straight (NSLG2S35) and Curved (NSLG2C35) tissue sealers and their predicate devices (NSEAL535H and ETRIO335H, respectively) on porcine carotid arteries (vessel sizes ~ 5mm). Average thermal spread measured via histology: 2.06mm (±0.25) and 2.47mm (±0.26) for ENSEAL® G2 Straight and Curved tissue sealers, respectively; 2.05mm (±0.26) and 2.35mm (±0.28) for the NSEAL535H and ETRIO335H, respectively.
  • Supporting evidence is Claim C1488, DSL 13-0699.