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Advanced Energy

ENSEAL® G2 Curved and Straight Tissue Sealers

ENSEAL® G2 Tissue Sealers – Seals like no other


  • Seals and cuts up to 7mm vessels and lymphatics* consistently through high uniform compression
  • Less bleeding and more consistent seal strength over multiple activations than LigaSure 5mm


  • Seals vessels with minimal lateral thermal spread§
  • 90% less sticking than LigaSure 5mm
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Site References

  • * Studies conducted on porcine mesentery. PSP 003113. Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc., Data on file.
  • In a preclinical study utilizing an animate porcine mesentery model, ENSEAL® G2 Curved and Straight had significantly less bleeding at the proximal end than LigaSure™ 5mm (0.0% vs. 24.0%), p=0.001.
  • In a benchtop study with ENSEAL® G2 Curved and Straight using 5mm porcine carotid arteries, vessel burst pressure was measured over 52 activation cycles, p<0.05.
  • § In a preclinical study with ENSEAL® G2 Straight (NSLG2S35) and Curved (NSLG2C35) tissue sealers and their predicate devices (NSEAL535H and ETRIO335H, respectively) on porcine carotid arteries (vessel sizes ~ 5mm). Average thermal spread measured via histology: 2.06mm (±0.25) and 2.47mm (±0.26) for ENSEAL® G2 Straight and Curved tissue sealers, respectively; 2.05mm (±0.26) and 2.35mm (±0.28) for the NSEAL535H and ETRIO335H, respectively.
  • Benchtop testing with porcine carotid arteries. Sticking rate for ENSEAL® G2 Curved and Straight was 1.39% vs. 13.33% for LigaSure™ 5 mm, p <0.001.
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