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ENSEAL® X1 Large Jaw

Designed for use in open surgical procedures, ENSEAL® X1 Large Jaw is an advanced bipolar device that provides better hemostasis, less thermal spread, and improved ergonomics compared to LigaSure Impact™.

Better hemostasis

88% less bleeding in thick tissue compared to LigaSure Impact™

Thanks to the larger distal electrode surface of ENSEAL® X1 Large Jaw

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ENSEAL® X1 Large Jaw - Better Hemostasis

Better tissue management§

41% less lateral thermal spread than LigaSure Impact™§

The Ethicon GEN11 generator utilizes Adaptive Tissue Technology, a proprietary platform that continuously senses changes in tissue conditions and responds with the optimal amount of energy to deliver greater precision§ and efficiency.

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ENSEAL® X1 Large Jaw - Thermal Spread

Better design

ENSEAL® X1 Large Jaw offers an overall better design compared to LigaSure Impact™

Convenient control placement is designed for less hand movement and 360° shaft rotation is designed to improve access to targeted tissue.

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ENSEAL® X1 Large Jaw - Better Ergonomics

Product Codes

NSLX120L 13mm 20cm Curved Large Jaw 6

Site References

  • † Preclinical test of distal tip bleeding (ENSEAL® vs. Impact-LF4318) in thick porcine mesentery base (p<0.001).
  • § Preclinical testing on porcine carotids (ENSEAL® vs. Impact-LF4318) that measured mean max lateral thermal damage via histology (p=0.005).
  • * Thermal imaging of jaws under IR camera
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