Advanced Energy

Ethicon Endo-Surgery Generator


The Ethicon Endo-Surgery generator combines advanced technology, multifunctionality and touchscreen simplicity in one compact, easy-to-operate unit that supports current and future HARMONIC® Ultrasonic and ENSEAL® Advanced Bipolar Devices.

Touchscreen Display

  • Fast and easy setup and operation
  • On-screen diagnostics
  • Viewable from wide range of angles

Universal Connector

  • Teardrop shape ensures proper alignment and limits potential damage to hand piece and device connector
  • Magnetized for ease of use and to ensure proper seating of connector
  • Automatic instrument recognition

Compact Design

  • Takes up less space in the OR
  • Multiple placement options in the OR (cart, stand, or boom)
  • Allows for easy transportation between ORs

Upgradeable Software

  • Designed to promote compatibility with future energy devices
  • Allows for future expansion to other products to limit the obsolescence of capital

One generator for all HARMONIC® and ENSEAL® Devices

  • Powers current and future Ethicon Energy devices
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