Hernia Repair & Fixation

ETHICON SECURESTRAP® Open Absorbable Strap Fixation Device

For open ventral hernia repair

Securestrap Open Device

The next generation of a proven, trusted device, now optimized for the open approach
Saves on average an estimated 35 minutes per surgical case compared to suture-only approach240,*

  • Curved cannula to improve handling and maneuvering around anatomic barriers231
  • Forward-tilted handle for improved ergonomics and access231
  • Metric ruler on cannula to help ensure proper mesh overlap231
  • Strap-positioning tip for proper strap placement231
Securestrap Open Strap

Same proven, trusted device—now enhanced for Sublay repairs

Additional grips (“holding points”) on the cannula cap

  • Designed to facilitate mesh and strap placement in retromuscular repair
  • Designed to improve traction and tensioning with porous meshes
  • Acute strap fixation strength verified in Sublay space548,550β
  • Unique, absorbable strap design delivers secure fixation of large-pore mesh334§
Securestrap Open Strap

Nearly all patients (87.5%) reported minimal to no pain at 6 months postsurgery in a preliminary study334†Ω

For complete indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse reactions, please reference full package insert.

Site References

  • * Performed in live swine models.
  • Results at 6 months postsurgery versus baseline for 77 patients receiving laparoscopic intraperitoneal or preperitoneal hernia repair with ETHICON SECURESTRAP Fixation Device. The Carolinas Comfort Scale defines symptomatic pain as a score greater than 1 (mild but not bothersome symptoms) for at least 1 question within the domains of severity of pain, sensation of mesh, or movement limitation.
  • When deploying an intraperitoneal onlay mesh
  • § As shown in a preclinical model
  • ETHICON SECURESTRAP Open Absorbable Strap fixation Device uses the same absorbable fixation straps as ETHICON SECURESTRAP fixation Device
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