Hernia Repair & Fixation

XCM BIOLOGIC® Tissue Matrix

For abdominal hernia repair

A xenograft backed by the strength of science

  • Porcine-derived resorbable xenograft intended to reinforce soft tissue where weakness exists390
  • Intact collagen fibers retain natural strength and provide pliability388
  • Open-pore structure allows for cell ingrowth and revascularization388,389
    • Allows tissue ingrowth incorporation from all sides (20x magnification) at 4 months postimplantation391
  • Unique Optrix™ processing maintains the natural 3D fibrous structure and key extracellular matrix components without cross-linking388,392
  • Produced in partnership with DSM Biomedical – over 20 years of experience in biologic materials
Ethicon XCM

For complete indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse reactions, please reference full package insert.

Site References

  • The effect of these components on the performance of XCM BIOLOGIC Tissue Matrix has not been clinically evaluated. Optrix™ is a trademark of DSM Biomedical.
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