Hernia Repair & Fixation


For open inguinal hernia repair

Designed for increased comfort and flexibility

  • Partially absorbable plug-and-patch device119
  • Constructed of the same materials as ULTRAPRO® Partially Absorbable Lightweight Mesh, which leaves behind 65% less foreign material compared to heavyweight mesh after partial absorption335§
    • Excellent tissue in-growth and wound healing enable flexible, compliant scarring346,349†
  • Low rate of recurrence (<2%) for a lasting repair401*
  • Provides strong support for the abdominal wall346,401
  • Uniquely designed for intraoperative handling and secure placement408

For complete indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse reactions, please reference full package insert.

Ultrapro Plug Repair

Site References

  • * Data from a prospective, longitudinal study of 71 patients receiving open hernia repair with ULTRAPRO. Plug from the IHMR. Two additional patient-reported recurrences could not be medically confirmed by a clinician.
  • As shown in an animal model
  • At one year
  • § Results from comparator studies should be interpreted with the understanding that the appropriate choice of mesh for any given patient depends on numerous factors, including the type and size of the defect, the patient’s medical condition and history and surgeon preference.
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