Hernia Repair & Fixation


Introducing ULTRAPRO ADVANCED ™ Macroporous Partially Absorbable Mesh for inguinal and ventral hernia repair – Advanced design to help optimize patient outcomes and ease of use

Advanced features of ULTRAPRO ADVANCED ™ Mesh

  • Physiologically designed for comfortable healing
    • Flexible in a way that approximates the natural movement of the abdominal wall, with 2:1 stretch416,444-446,489,¥,†
    • Unique knitted mesh construction promotes good tissue ingrowth/tissue integration446,‡
  • Balanced strength for strong and lasting repair
    • High suture pullout strength445
    • High tensile strength445
    • Withstands ≈2x maximum intraabdominal pressure445,448
    • No bulge visible in a preclinical study at 28 days and 91 days446,€
  • Designed for exceptional intraoperative handling
    • Increased initial stiffness for easier handling445,§
    • Springs open for easier deployment in laparoscopic repairs
    • Packaged flat, without folds, for easier positioning
    • Blue stripes facilitate orienting and positioning the mesh449
    • Trimmable based on surgeon’s discretion, while leaving sufficient overlap to help prevent recurrence449
  • Significant reduction in pain score at 1 year postsurgery versus presurgery343,*
  • The IHMR uses the Carolinas Comfort Scale (CCS), a validated, hernia-specific quality-of-life tool for assessing early and long-term symptoms following hernia repair491
  • The CCS uses a 6-point scale from 0 (no symptoms) to 5 (disabling symptoms)491

Built on the proven technology of ULTRAPRO® Macroporous Partially Absorbable Mesh343,347

ULTRAPRO Mesh was shown to offer continuous short- and long-term improvement in return to daily activities494,‡

ULTRAPRO Mesh no limitations at 4 months and 15 months graphULTRAPRO Mesh limitations at 4 months and 15 months graph

ULTRAPRO ADVANCED™ Macroporous Partially Absorbable Mesh is comprised of the same material as ULTRAPRO® Partially Absorbable Lightweight Mesh

For complete indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse reactions, please reference full package insert.

Site References

  • * Data from a prospective, longitudinal study of 470 patients receiving laparoscopic hernia repair with ULTRAPRO flat mesh from the IHMR (96.6% inguinal, 3.4% other).343
  • Prospective study of 90 patients undergoing laparoscopic totally extraperitoneal (TEP) Inguinal repair using ULTRAPRO Mesh at a single specialist institution. Follow-up at 15 months included 89 patients using ULTRAPRO Mesh. These results are from a larger study that compared ULTRAPRO Mesh with PROLENE® Mesh. Data shown are for ULTRAPRO Mesh only. PROLENE Mesh may be appropriate for certain patients.494
  • ¥ The abdominal wall stretches 2:1 at the linea alba (longitudinal to transversal).416
  • Compared with ULTRAPRO Macroporous Partially Absorbable Mesh, which has 4:1 stretch when 2N force applied in stripe tensile test.489
  • Evidence shown in an animal model.446
  • § 34% stiffer in transverse direction and 144% stiffer in longitudinal direction.
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