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Our deep understanding of the interaction between surgical tools and living tissue has enabled us to design solutions for confident occlusion.

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The only vendor with complete open and endoscopic portfolio offering, with 20 years of experience in the clip applier business

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Market leading portfolio of ligation devices*

Endoscopic and open ligation devices designed to provide optimal patient surgical experiences.


Superior clip, superior clip security

LIGAMAX™ 5 Endoscopic Multiple Clip Applier

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  • *Per IMS sales data including all Ethicon open and endoscopic ligation device codes from 2010 - December 2014.
  • Based on the aggregate of data derived from benchtop testing of LIGAMAXTM 5 (EL5ML), Applied Medical Epix® Universal 5mm (CA500), Covidien ENDO CLIPTM III (176630), Applied Medical Direct Drive® 10mm (CA090) and Covidien ENDO CLIPTM II (176657): - force required to dislodge a partially formed clip in the axial and transverse directions from the jaws of those leading competitive devices incorporating an anti backup device [Median values: Axial: 3.948lbs (EL5ML) vs 0.346 (CA500), 0.137 (176630) and 2.308 (CA090), Transverse: 3.629 vs 0.786, 2.033 and 3.501 (p-value = 0.1183 vs CA090 transverse, all others pvalue<0.0001).] (Clip closed to 1st ratchet point after distal clip tips touch.); - and force required to displace a properly formed clip from an elastomeric vessel model in the axial direction [Median values: 1.481lbs (EL5ML) vs 0.903 (CA500), 1.136 (176630), 0.371 (CA090) and 1.761 (176657) (all, p-value<0.0001)]. Study PRC056425 - data on file.
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