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LIGAMAX™ 5 Endoscopic Clip Applier from Ethicon delivers secure occlusion and surgeon peace of mind

With LIGAMAX 5, surgeons no longer have to sacrifice clip size for incision size or security, making it the clip applier of choice for a variety of laparoscopic procedures.

LIGAMAX 5 has been engineered for versatility and efficiency while delivering reliable performance, enhanced functionality and features our proprietary clip design.

It is:

  • Precise – Distal-tip closing enables controlled and precise placement and can also partially form a clip to secure a cholangiogram catheter.
  • Easy to use – long, thin, angled jaws provide access and visibility, collapse for smooth insertion through a 5mm trocar, then spring back to open wide. Audible and tactile ratcheting of handle for control and feedback.
  • Ergonomic – handle allows for smooth, controlled firing, and 360º rotation knob is designed for easy maneuverability.
  • Security – Anti-backup and overload mechanism provide control over clip and closure, as well as added protection for jaws.

Learn more about delivering medium/large clips through a 5mm port using the LIGAMAX 5 Clip Applier.

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Multi-Patient Use Single-Clip Appliers

These reusable ligating clip appliers, compatible with our non-absorbable clips, are designed for the ligation of tubular structures for open or endoscopic procedures. Simple to use, just position the ligating clip around the structure and apply pressure to the trigger for our EL devices. Our patented lateral and transverse grooves on the inner clip surface provide excellent on-vessel clip security.

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