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Endoscopic Rotating Multiple Clip Appliers
Superior Clip. Superior Clip Design.

LIGAMAX5™ Endoscopic Clip Applier provides greater in-jaw clip retention and on-structure clip security in the axial direction compared to all other leading 5mm clip appliers to help mitigate clip dislodgement.*

Ethicon designed the LIGAMAX5 Endoscopic Multiple Clip Applier with a unique combination of features in the clip and applier to provide in-jaw security and on-structure clip security in even the most demanding of cases.

Clips and jaws are designed to firmly maintain the clip in the jaw of the device during surgical maneuvering to help prevent clip dislodgement. This reduces the potential for malformed or dropped clips.

LIGAMAX5™ provides clinically proven, best-in-class security through these features:

  • Tissue Stop – minimizes contact of the vessel to the clip to reduce chance of clip dislodgement from jaws
  • Clip Advancer Tab – facilitates clip feeding and provides stability during firing cycle
  • Anti-backup Ratchet Mechanism – prevents interruptions in the firing sequence from affecting in-jaw stability
  • Direct-drive Feed Mechanism – allows for smooth, controlled clip advancement and placement

Learn more about delivering medium/large clips through a 5mm port using the LIGAMAX5 Clip Applier.

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Multi-Patient Use Single-Clip Appliers

These reusable ligating clip appliers, compatible with our non-absorbable clips, are designed for the ligation of tubular structures for open or endoscopic procedures. Simple to use, just position the ligating clip around the structure and apply pressure to the trigger.

Patented lateral and transverse grooves on the inner clip surface provide excellent on-vessel clip security.

  • * Based on the aggregate of data derived from benchtop testing of LIGAMAX5™ (EL5ML), Applied Medical Epix® Universal 5mm (CA500) and Covidien Endo Clip™ III (176630):
    • • Force required to dislodge a partially formed clip in the axial and transverse directions from the jaws [median values: axial – 3.948 lbs (EL5ML) vs 0.346 (CA500) and 0.137 (176630), transverse – 3.629 vs 0.786 and 2.033 (p<0.0001)]. Clip closed to first ratchet point after distal clip tips touch.
    • • And force required to displace a properly formed clip from an elastomeric vessel model in the axial direction [median values: 1.481 lbs (EL5ML) vs 0.903 (CA500) and 11.36 (176630) (p<0.0001)].
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