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MEGADYNE™ Smoke Evacuation Pencils

Multiple options, including the MEGADYNE™ ZIP-PEN™ Smoke Evacuation Pencil, allow surgeons to remove potentially hazardous electrosurgical smoke and plume

ZIP-PEN™ Smoke Evacuation Pencil

Lightweight and designed to minimize hand fatigue

The award winning* ZIP-PEN™ Smoke Evacuation Pencil has three ergonomic grip positions to provide surgeons with choice, flexibility and comfort all in one device.

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ULTRA VAC™ Smoke Evacuation Pencil

Ergonomic, adjustable length pencil

The ULTRA VAC™ Smoke Evacuation Pencil, with cord in tubing, was designed for comfort and ease of use. Its adjustable length positions the smoke evacuation tip closer to the surgical site, which is designed to provide optimal smoke evacuation.

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ATTACHA VAC™ Pencil Shroud

Attachable pencil shroud

Designed as a clip-on device for electrosurgical pencils, the ATTACHA VAC™ Pencil Shroud is an economical option for smoke evacuation in the Operating Room.

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Pencils with E-Z CLEAN™ Electrodes

E-Z CLEAN™ Electrodes are coated with a proprietary non-stick PTFE coating that is designed to reduce eschar build-up, requiring less cleaning. They are easily cleaned with a damp sponge.

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  • † vs. uncoated stainless steel electrodes
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