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MEGADYNE™ Smoke Evacuators

Designed to protect you and your patients from the hazards of surgical smoke

MEGADYNE™ MEGA VAC Smoke Evacuator

Designed for maximum smoke evacuation while maintaining a quiet OR*

The MEGA VAC Smoke Evacuator automatically turns on and off when the pencil is activated and deactivated, which minimizes OR noise*. In addition, the MEGA VAC Smoke Evacuator provides surgeons with variable levels of suction time and flow control to suit their individual case requirements*.

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All the features of the MEGA VAC with the addition of laparoscopic capabilities

The MEGA VAC PLUS Smoke Evacuator removes plume for a clear field of vision, removing potentially hazardous materials without deflating the pneumoperitoneum. It can also be used to evacuate CO2 gas at the end of the procedure through the filtering system.

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MEGADYNE™ MINI VAC Smoke Evacuator

Designed to be quiet and user friendly

The MINI VAC Smoke Evacuator is designed with an ultra-quiet high suction, high flow rate vacuum motor. It includes 4-stage filtration with up to 35 hours of filter life. It is designed to offer user friendly set up and operation.

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  • * Per Instructions for Use
  • Dependent on flow settings
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