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ENDOPATH® Laparoscopic Hand Instruments: Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Control

Our ENDOPATH® Laparoscopic Hand Instruments facilitate grasping, mobilization, dissection, and transection of tissue during any minimally invasive procedure. Designed for use through ENDOPATH Surgical Trocars and FLEXIPATH® Flexible Surgical Trocars, our Laparoscopic Hand Instruments Portfolio includes: forceps, babcocks, graspers, curved dissector and scissors, blunt tip dissectors and anvil graspers.

Endoscopic Hand Instruments

ENDOPATH Laparoscopic Hand Instruments including the ENDOPATH® Bipolar Forceps feature ergonomic designs for superior comfort and functionality. They provide an effective solution for a wide range of procedural needs.

Features include:

  • A 360-degree rotation knob on the handle for enhanced maneuverability
  • Ratchet handles to lock jaws in place
  • Rotating 5mm or 10mm diameter insulated shaft
  • Jaws or scissor blades

The portfolio also includes the ENDOPOUCH® Specimen Retrieval Bag featuring one-handed, syringe motion deployment for ease of use during gynecological and general surgery.

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