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At Ethicon Bariatric & Metabolic, we put one goal ahead of all others – transforming patients’ lives by resolving weight-related health conditions.

And since bariatric surgery is a rapidly evolving specialty, we believe there is only one way to reach that goal.

A deeper understanding.

Only a deeper understanding of the science of obesity and the needs of healthcare professionals can reveal what is truly effective and what is truly needed.

So we collaborate with healthcare professionals to satisfy their needs with science-based solutions across the continuum of patient care: pre surgery, post surgery.

We provide solutions that are focused on:

  • Scientific commitment: Support for a broad range of clinical research
  • Treatment advocacy: Initiatives to expand patient access to care through education for primary care physicians, the public and payers
  • Practice support: A variety of resources, both online and in person, to help your practice reach patients
  • Patient engagement: Outreach efforts to help educate patients and bring them to your practice
  • Surgical performance: Scientifically developed devices supporting the breadth of bariatric procedures

In this way, we can help achieve lasting improvements in patients’ lives.

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