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Surgical Stapling


Our most advanced endocutter technology – ECHELON FLEX™ Powered ENDOPATH® Stapler

Design refined by experience

By collaborating with leaders in the surgical community, the development of endocutters is grounded in Halsted's principles of surgery – the importance of hemostasis, the gentle handling of tissue, and the application of appropriate tissue compression for safe and effective surgery.

Stability for potentially less trauma on vital thoracic structures* and on thick tissue


One-handed articulation plus hemostasis in a wide range of tissue thickness


Hemostasis in a wide range of tissue thicknesses with one-handed operation


Articulates and compresses for precise manipulation and placement on tissue

ENDOPATH® ETS Articulating Linear Cutters

System-wide compression for consistent staples in procedures without insufflation

ENDOPATH® Thoracic Linear Cutters

Site References

  • * Benchtop testing on porcine carotid arteries. Surgeons (n=24) fired each instrument / reload once: PSE45A / ECR45W and EGIAUSTND/ EGIA45AVM. Distal tip motion measurement during the firing cycle showed a median reduction of 83% and a range of reduction of 53% to 96% in tip movement of PSE45A/ ECR45W vs. EGIAUSTND/ EGIA45AVM.
  • Benchtop testing on porcine stomach tissue. Surgeons (n=19) fired each instrument/ reload once: PSE60A/ ECR60G, 030449/ 030459, and EGIAUSTND/ EGIA60AMT. Distal tip motion measurement during the firing cycle showed a median of 88% and a range of reduction of 71% to 95% in tip movement of PSE60A/ ECR60G vs. the other two devices.
Circular Staplers

Because each patient is unique.

Tissue varies from patient to patient and within an individual patient's GI tract. The ENDOPATH® Endoscopic Curved Intraluminal Circular combines the benefits of Controlled Tissue Compression and Adjustable Height Staple technology which gives you flexibility so you can address the individual needs of each patient.

Curved Cutter Staplers

Providing easy access to the lower pelvis and the best visibility possible – Ethicon’s CONTOUR® Curved Cutter Stapler is designed for increased visibility and optimal use in the narrower male pelvis.

The CONTOUR® Curved Cutter Stapler combines stapling and cutting into one device. It delivers four rows of staples with a single cut between, eliminating the need for a bowel clamp and scalpel. CONTOUR® can be used in both colorectal and skeleton-muscular cases.

Linear Cutters & Staplers

The Linear Cutters and Staplers Portfolio from Ethicon provides surgeons with advanced instrumentation across the spectrum of surgical methods – all designed to support optimal patient outcomes. The wide range of options ensures you have the right solutions for the right procedures.

The only open linear cutter with innovative 6-row, 3-D staple technology* to provide superior hemostasis


Consistent staple formation for transection, resection, and the creation of anastomoses

PROXIMATE® Linear Cutters

A long shaft with thirty degree flex for better access within a pelvis or thoracic cavity


Controlled compression and designed for better tissue management with adjustable staple height

PROXIMATE® Reloadable Staplers (TL/TLH/TLV)

Parallel jaw closure provides consistent staple formation

PROXIMATE® Reloadable Staplers (TX)

Site References

  • * Preclinical animate study comparing the ETHICON ENDO-SURGERY™ Linear Cutters 75 (NTLC75), the PROXIMATE® Linear Cutters, and the DST Series™ GIA™ 80. Data on file.
Hemorrhoidal Stapler
Procedure staplers

PROXIMATE® PPH Hemorrhoidal Circular Stapler (pictured). We offer a conveniently packaged surgical kit for hemorrhoid treatment using our PPH Procedure Circular Stapler Set.

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