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tissue cut

Optimal staple formation, even in thick tissue1

  • Enhanced system-wide compression aids in proper staple formation, which is necessary to achieve a leak resistant and hemostatic staple line
  • Compression before firing gently exudes fluid from targeted tissue before firing
  • Alignment during firing ensures a uniform distance between the anvil and cartridge surfaces during firing
  • All cartridges fit through a 12mm trocar§
tissue cut

Stay focused on the surgical field without interruption

  • Natural, one-handed operation allows the surgeon to focus on the line of transection and place the anvil exactly where needed
  • Facilitates tissue positioning/manipulation with its wide proximal to distal jaw aperture
  • Allows the surgeon to rotate, articulate and fire with one hand

Site References

  • * Superior is defined as fewest malformed staples. Thick tissue defined as 3mm to 5mm as measured with an 8g/mm2 thickness measuring device. Study conducted by Ethicon Endo-Surgery in a porcine model. Data on file. ECHELON FLEX™ 60mm with Green Cartridge (88 staples per cartridge) vs. ENDO GIA® Universal with 60mm Green Roticulator™ (90 staples per cartridge) (not compared with EGIA60AMT/EGIA60AXT). Please read and follow the Instructions for Use for important information, including indications, contraindications and complete steps for use.
  • 73% of human gastric tissue near the pylorus measured 3mm to 5mm thick in a separate tissue thickness study. (Elariny et al. Surgical Technology International. 2005.)
  • § Note: Fits down all Ethicon Endo-Surgery 12mm trocars.
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