Surgical Stapling


As a surgeon, you are most concerned with delivering optimal outcomes for your patients. To assist you in achieving this goal, Ethicon remains committed to developing advanced instrumentation across the spectrum of surgical methods, including open surgery. And so, in collaboration with surgeons worldwide, we have developed the ETHICON ENDO-SURGERY™ Linear Cutter – designed to deliver optimal compression and superior hemostasis.*


  • Proximal cartridge mechanism forces the distal tip downward, creating uniform pressure throughout the anvil that allows for consistent staple line upon closing
  • Selectable staple height gives surgeons the ability to choose the appropriate closed staple height for the tissue conditions encountered
  • Using the staple height selector, which moves the anvil up or down, the surgeon can change the gap between the cartridge and anvil surfaces
  • Gives surgeons the efficiency of 3 closed staple heights in one cartridge

Superior hemostasis

  • ETHICON ENDO-SURGERY™ Linear Cutter is the only open linear cutter with innovative 6-row, 3-D staple technology*
  • 3-D surgical staple designed with angled, parallel legs to increase the area of tissue compression

Site References

  • * Preclinical porcine study comparing the NTLC75, TLC75 and DST Series™ GIA™ 80 (3.8mm cartridge). Hemostasis was evaluated against a 5-point scale, with lower scores representing better hemostasis. Mean scores by instrument: NTLC-2.9, TLC-3.9, and DST series GIA-3.6. The NTLC demonstrated superior hemostasis when compared to the TLC and DST Series GIA, p<0.05.
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