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Securestrap overview

The ETHICON SECURESTRAP Fixation Device allows for appropriate tissue capture and penetration to provide superior holding strength at various deployment angles.* The unique, absorbable "strap" design uses 2 points of fixation to straddle mesh pores and fibers, including large-pore constructions. It delivers secure mesh fixation during the tissue integration period and helps prevent mesh migration. The strap design securely fixates a variety of meshes, including large-pore constructions. The unique polymer blend is essentially absorbed within 12-18 months.

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AborbaTack Instructions for Use require that the distal tip of the device is at a right angle to the targeted tissue to facilitate appropriate insertation of the tack.165

SorbaFix Instructions for Use state that the fasteners should be placed entirely into the tissue and the head of the fastener should be firm against the mesh or tissue in order to achieve the best fixation performance.166

Low profile strap, minimal surface area

The low profile strap minimizes foreign material exposed to viscera.

Consistent, secure fixation

Each strap – from the first to the last – deploys with equivalent force, providing the reliability you need.1

Site References

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  • 28 day mesh fixation study of the ETHICON SECURESTRAP Fixation Device to evaluate mesh migration and tissue response using a swine model. (PSE Accession number: 09-0132, project number: 6754).1
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