Uterine & Pelvic Surgery

GYNECARE TVT™ Retropubic System Tension-Free Support for Incontinence

TVT Retro

The GYNECARE TVT Retropubic System uses a proven mesh with the largest pore size, 350% greater elasticity and the lowest initial stiffness among the leading brands of mesh.121,139 The needle curvature and tip radius is designed to maintain contact with the posterior aspect of the pubic bone during passage.

GYNECARE TVT Retropubic System Retropubic is a retropubic mid-urethral sling used for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence.

In May 2015, Ethicon revised its Instructions for Use and Patient Brochure for the Gynecare TVT Family of Products. To review the revised Instructions for Use, click here.

For more information or to arrange to speak with one of Ethicon’s Medical Affairs partners, please call 1-877-ETHICON

810041A GYNECARE TVT™ with Abdominal Guides 1
810041B GYNECARE TVT™ (mechanical cut mesh) 1
810041BL GYNECARE TVT™ (laser cut mesh) 1
810051 Introducer Handle (reusable) 1
810061 Rigid Catheter Guide (reusable) 1

Name:TVT Patient Brochure

Short description:The Gynecare TVT Patient Brochure is intended to be used by physicians as a tool to facilitate patient consultations, and to encourage a comprehensive discussion of the potential benefits and risks of available treatment options

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