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Uterine & Pelvic Surgery

MORCELLEX SIGMA™ Tissue Morcellator System

GYNECARE MORCELLEX® Tissue Morcellator

GYNECARE MORCELLEX® Tissue Morcellator


Designed for Challenging Cases... with Safety and Control in Mind


MORCELLEX SIGMA™ Tissue Morcellator System offers the same safety and control features of the GYNECARE MORCELLEX™ Tissue Morcellator, but has been redesigned with an improved gearing system and more powerful Generator.

Greater POWER.

MORCELLEX SIGMA™ Tissue Morcellator System now offers almost 100% more power output than the GYNECARE MORCELLEX™ Tissue Morcellator System.*,227

Additionally, with an improved gearing system the handpiece now lasts up to 9 times longer than the GYNECARE MORCELLEX Tissue Morcellator.†,228


The MORCELLEX SIGMA handpiece is a lightweight two-part handpiece designed to reduce surgeon fatigue, which can be left in place as an operative port.229,230

Additionally, MORCELLEX SIGMA morcellator offers a hand trigger that activates the blade when pressed and shields the blade when released.†,230

Lastly, MORCELLEX SIGMA morcellator offers a CoreGuard that facilitates tissue peeling and protects tissue from unintended coring230

To experience the power, safety, and control of MORCELLEX SIGMA™ Tissue Morcellator in a free trial, please contact your local ETHICON sales representative or call our Customer Service Center at 877-ETHICON.

Site References

  • * Based on bench top testing results comparing peak power output
  • Based on median time to failure
Description & Specs

The MORCELLEX SIGMA™ Tissue Morcellator System is used for cutting, coring, and extracting tissue during operative laparoscopy, including general surgical procedures, laparoscopic urologic procedures, and laparoscopic gynecologic procedures.

The MORCELLEX SIGMA™ Tissue Morcellator System is contraindicated for use on vascularized tissue or as a dissecting tool. All target tissues and organs must be devascularized and dissected before morcellation.

For complete indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse reactions, please reference full package insert.

MD0120 Footpedal (optional) 1
MD0200 MORCELLEX SIGMA™ Generator 1
MX0200 MORCELLEX SIGMA™ Handpiece 5
MX0200R MORCELLEX SIGMA™ Handpiece 1
XW2MD0200 Extended Service Agreement for Generator (2 additional years) 1
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