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Uterine & Pelvic Surgery

GYNECARE VERSAPOINT™ Bipolar Electrosurgery System

Description & Specs

Innovative and efficient

GYNECARE VERSAPOINT System has the potential to transform the way operative hysteroscopy is performed. It can reduce costs by using a single intervention to diagnose and treat uterine pathology. This system is indicated for the treatment of myomas, polyps, intrauterine adhesions, and uterine septa using advanced technology that operates in normal saline.

The GYNECARE VERSAPOINT™ Resectoscope permits direct viewing and access to the uterine cavity for performing hysteroscopic surgical procedures.

Its features include:

  • Color-coded and keyed connectors expedite selection and automatically preset specific generator settings
  • Quick disconnect and connect locking system for fast hysteroscope changes
  • Accessible and visible outflow and inflow valve levers
  • Smooth lever-spring mechanism ensures positive electrode control
  • Swivel thumb-ring permits multi-directional use for greater electrode control and maneuverability
  • Hysteroscope with a small 4 mm bore size is available in two different options: 30˚ – WA (Wide Angle) and 12˚
  • Ergonomic, reusable handpiece quickly accepts all configurations of GYNECARE VERSAPOINT™ Electrodes
00466 Ball Tip Electrode 5
00467 Twizzle Tip Electrode 5
00468 Spring Tip Electrode 5
00480 Connector Cable (Handpiece) 1
00481 Foot Switch 1
00482 Bipolar Generator 1
01735 Resectoscope Hysteroscope Hysteroscopic Bridge/Visual Obturator 1
01931 Resectoscope Working Element - Passive 1
01934 Resectoscope Obturator - Standard 1
01936 Hysteroscope 4.0mm 30 degree - wide angle lens 1
01938 Hysteroscope 4.0mm 12 degree - high magnification lens 1
01939 Resectoscope Rotating Outer Sheath 27Fr 1
01985 Bipolar Electrode, Resectoscopic - Angled Loop Tip 5
04995 Universal Power Cord (US and Canada) 1
1950 Bipolar Electrode, Resectoscopic - Vaporizing Tip (0 Degree) 5
XW200482 Generator 2-year extended service contract 1

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