Wound Closure

PDS® Plus Antibacterial (polydioxanone) Suture

Since fascial tissue heals slowly, fascial closure presents unique clinical challenges, such as the risk of dehiscence and infection. However, choosing the appropriate tool for fascial closure can help address known risk factors for these complications.1,172,173

To create an environment that facilitates healing of the fascial tissue, sutures should:

  • Provide the strength to support the fascia and resist abdominal pressure through the critical healing period (14-28 days after surgery) and beyond172,173
  • Protect against colonization of the suture by organisms commonly associated with SSIs170,185
  • Pass smoothly through fascia to minimize tissue trauma

PDS Plus Sutures are specifically designed for secure fascial closure in multiple patient types:

  • Retains 60% of its original strength for 6 weeks, providing support to the fascia as it slowly heals
  • Shown in vitro to inhibit bacterial colonization of the suture
  • Monofilament design and polymer properties minimize drag force and elicit only a slight tissue reaction during absorption172
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