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Wound Closure

ETHICON™ Suture Needles


Carefully selecting a surgical suture needle is a critical component in achieving excellent wound closure outcomes. The ideal surgical needle should be:

  • Sharp enough to penetrate and carry suture through tissue with minimal resistance
  • Slim as possible without compromising strength
  • Rigid to resist bending, yet ductile to resist breaking
  • Stable in the grasp of the needleholder

Ethicon offers over 200 types of surgical suture needles, allowing clinicians great flexibility to select the most appropriate needle for the specific needs of the tissue being repaired.

Description & Specs

Every surgical needle has three basic components – the eye, the body, and the point. When selecting a surgical needle, it is important to specify the measurements of these three components as they determine, in part, how the needle can be used most effectively.172

Of particular importance when selecting a surgical needle is selecting the appropriate needle point geometry. Summarized below are common needle point types and their regular uses.

View the full portfolio of ETHICON Sutures on the Ethicon Product Catalog site

Science & Technology

Ethicon continuously invests in R&D to develop innovative needle technology to meet the demands of today’s surgeries. The anatomy of a surgical needle has three factors that influence the needle’s performance – alloy, geometry, coating.

Surgeons have come to rely on Ethicon’s long history of world-class needle manufacturing, which includes innovations such as its proprietary EVERPOINT® Cardiovascular Needles and its MULTIPASS® Needles.


EVERPOINT Needles are sharper, stronger, and more bend-resistant than conventional cardiovascular needles1,176

  • Tungsten-rhenium alloy – this ultra-high-strength alloy provides 38% more strength and 121% more bend resistance than conventional stainless steel needles1,176
  • Damage-resistant point – the tip of an EVERPOINT Needle is angled at 45°, making it more durable than the tip of a traditional suture needle which is angled at 22°
  • Silicon needle coating – a unique, multilayer silicon coating helps give EVERPOINT Needles outstanding penetration and allows them to maintain tip durability over multiple passes176
Suture needle description


MULTIPASS Needles combine three proprietary technologies to ensure superior strength, tissue penetration, and control; pass after pass:172

  • ETHALLOY® Needle Alloy – an Ethicon-developed steel alloy that provides superior strength and ductility172
  • PRIME™ Needle geometry – a unique design that reduces the mass at the tip of the needle, reducing the amount of force necessary to penetrate tissue, thus minimizing tissue trauma172
  • Advanced needle coating – a unique silicon coating that maintains needle sharpness pass after pass172

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