Wound Closure

Wound Closure Overview

Beyond Thread… the science of a great suture

Ethicon designs sutures for the needs of surgery - overseeing development from monomer, to polymer, to fiber, to the thread our customers use and trust every day.

Innovative technology that can be used to achieve healing

Every type of tissue, whether skin, fascia, or organ has its own specialized function and needs. The Ethicon Wound Closure Portfolio lets surgeons match the specific wound healing needs of each tissue type to the appropriate closure device, giving surgeons and patients the right solutions for the right procedures. While there are differences in tissue healing profiles and types of wound closure devices, for optimal patient outcomes, every Ethicon Wound Closure Device:

  • Provides strength and support to maintain tissue integrity
  • Address risk factors for infection to enhance healing and reduce excess scarring170,171
  • Minimizes tissue trauma172

For more than 80 years, Ethicon has provided clinicians with quality tools that they trust to facilitate excellent surgical outcomes and to enhance patients’ lives worldwide.

With significantly more points of fixation than tradition sutures, STRATAFIX™ Knotless Tissue Control Devices provide a combination of more consistency*, more security*, and more efficiency* than traditional sutures.

Plus Antibacterial Sutures

Plus Antibacterial

Plus Antibacterial Sutures are the only commercially available sutures with antibacterial protection.

DERMABOND® Portfolio


The products in the DERMABOND® Portfolio are supported by more clinical evidence, outcomes data and publications than any other topical skin adhesive.193

EVERPOINT® Cardiovascular Needles


EVERPOINT® Cardiovascular Needle offers the latest breakthrough in CV Needle penetration with a sharper, stronger, more bend-resistant needle.

Wound Closure Resource Portal Tutorial

Site References

  • * Compared to traditional sutures.
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