Bariatric Surgery

Committed to shaping the future of surgery in the fight against obesity and metabolic diseases and helping to elevate the standard of care through research and evidence, best-in-class education and training, innovative products and expanding patient access to care. Together, we’re advancing surgical care, enabling patients to live longer, more fulfilling lives.

Research & Evidence

Understanding how and why bariatric surgery works. Accessing the growing body of scientific evidence. Helping to standardize surgical procedures and advance professional guidelines.

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Education & Training

Participating in best-in-class educational programs. Sharing knowledge with non-surgical health care professionals. Educating patients about their condition, and helping them get the appropriate treatment.

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Access & Reimbursement

Promoting coverage by public and private insurers. Collaborating on innovative benefit plan designs. Demonstrating the value of surgery with economic modeling

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Innovative products

Exploring a comprehensive set of tools for bariatric surgery. Leveraging innovative technologies based on the evolving needs of surgeons and providers

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