Colorectal Surgery

Colorectal Surgery Overview

With the innovations in minimally invasive technology and the advancement of new approaches for colorectal surgery, you now have more surgical options from which to choose.

Recent studies indicate that these approaches may offer distinct advantages such as:

  • Lower mortality.28
  • Fewer in-hospital complications (intraoperative infections: wound, ileus, pulmonary, cardiovascular, systemic and urinary).26
  • Less blood loss and lower rate of transfusions.28
  • Fewer ICU days and shorter total hospital stay.26
  • Lower rate of anastomotic leak.28
  • Shorter recovery time with reduced narcotic use and quicker time to first bowel movement, oral intake, and normal diet.28
Colorectal surgery

At Ethicon, we focus on working with clinicians like you, from around the world, to develop products that advance minimally invasive colorectal surgery. The goal is simple: To help you provide better care for your patients so they can return to their lives sooner, with less trauma and fewer complications.

Our aim is also about improving the overall colorectal surgical experience for you as well. Creating advanced surgical devices is a large part of that. But equally important is our dedication to educating surgeons, nurses, patients, and other healthcare professionals about the options for both minimally invasive and open procedures.

Ethicon offers a full portfolio of products for both minimally invasive, open colorectal and hemorrhoidectomy procedures, including:

  • Access devices  featuring the ENDOPATH XCEL® Trocars and the ENDOPATH DEXTRUS® Minimally Invasive Access System for versatile and durable hand-assisted laparoscopy.
  • Energy technology including HARMONIC® Devices for precise, multi-functional cutting and coagulation, and ENSEAL® Devices, which deliver large vessel sealing.  Both accomplish this with minimal lateral tissue insult.
  • Stapling and cutting technology featuring our ECHELON™ ENDOPATH Line of Straight and Articulating Endocutters, which provide uniform, consistent staple formation proximally-to-distally along the staple line.  These devices combine strength for rigorous procedures with innovative designs needed for surgical precision, efficiency and convenience during minimally invasive or open transection and anastomosis.
  • Ligation technology like our LIGAMAX™ 5 Endoscopic Multiple Clip Applier, which is designed to give surgeons the ligation benefits of a 10mm clip applier in a 5mm instrument.
  • Procedure staplers like our PROXIMATE® PPH Hemorrhoidal Circular Stapler used for a stapled hemorrhoidopexy, which can result in less postoperative pain and need for analgesics compared to traditional hemorrhoidectomies.
  • Wound Closure technologies that add strength and protection to any incision, including STRATAFIX™ Knotless Tissue Control Devices, DERMABOND® Portfolio, and Plus Antibacterial Sutures.

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