Achieving Optimal anastomosis

Achieving an optimal anastomosis is one of the most critical jobs in Colorectal surgeries. Tissue tension, poor blood supply, and fragile or inflamed tissues can compromise the anastomosis and lead to significant complications. Among complications, anastomotic leaks are a dominant surgical concern due to their high mortality rate.

Optimize perfusion.* Reduce leaks.*


Designed to reduce leaks without compromising perfusion—resulting in 61% fewer leaks at the staple line compared to the Medtronic DST Series™ EEA™ Stapler.*

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Controlled Tissue Compression

For a secure anastomosis and effective perfusion

The Ethicon Circular Stapler with its Controlled Tissue Compression and Adjustable Height Staple technology is designed to deliver optimal compression necessary for a secure anastomosis and effective perfusion to promote healing.

Explore more details about Ethicon Manual Circular Staplers   picture_as_pdf

Secure staple formation

Achieve optimal performance

Watch a video showing Dr. Sonia Ramamoorthy from the University of California San Diego Medical Center experience optimal staple formation while performing a sigmoid resection anastomosis.

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Reduced staple line leakage

Superior staple formation compared with AutoSuture DST Series GIA

PROXIMATE® Linear Cutters featuring a unique Cam Mechanism and tissue retention pin produce the tightest closed staple height, providing fewer malformed staples than AutoSuture DST Series GIA.* It also may help reduce staple line leakage compared to the AutoSuture DST Series GIA.

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Colorectal - Reduced staple line leakage


Site References

  • * Benchtop testing in porcine tissue ≤30mmHg (26mmHg average pressure experienced during intra- operative leak test), comparing Ethicon CDH29P to Medtronic EEA2835 and pre-clinical perfusion model, in which perfusion was not significantly different between devices.
  • Benchtop testing in porcine tissue vs AutoSuture DST Series GIA (GIA8038S) at 2mm-5mm thickness range (p<0.001).
  • Benchtop testing of luminal leak pressure in an excised pre-clinical tissue model.
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