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Gynecologic Surgery

Sacrocolpopexy (Pelvic Organ Prolapse)

Sacrocolpopexy (Pelvic Organ Prolapse)


Sacrocolpopexy is considered the gold-standard to address vaginal vault prolapse.215 We know that caring for your patient means using a mesh that complements your technique and her anatomy.

Ethicon has introduced ARTISYN® Y-Shaped Mesh, the only Y-shaped Mesh designed to provide efficiency and support while evolving to leave less mesh behind. ARTISYN Y-shaped Mesh provides efficiency while evolving post-implantation to leave less mesh behind for your patient.116,118


STRATAFIX™ Knotless Tissue Control Devices – a unique anchoring technology to maintain closure without knots:

  • More consistent tension control and approximation with each pass than with traditional sutures
  • Strength and security of interrupted suturing without knot-related complications1,122,123,133,141,145,150,153
  • More efficient than continuous suturing with traditional sutures1,122,123,133,141,145,150,153

HARMONIC ACE® Curved Shears – provide precision and cutting speed while creating hemostasis when:

  • Accessing the fibroids.
  • Incising the fibroid capsules.
  • Enucleating the fibroid.

ENDOPATH XCEL® Trocar – aid the surgeon by providing:

  • Abdominal wall retention – Integrated thread design on cannulas provides greater stability for minimal trocar slip-outs.
  • Seal durability – Maintains abdominal insufflation while accommodating a wide range of instrument sizes (4.7mm to 12.9mm).
  • Low system drag force – The housing and seal are designed to eliminate instrument hang-ups and provide low peak instrument insertion/extraction force.*

We also offer GYNECARE GYNEMESH® PS Nonabsorbable PROLENE® Soft Mesh, a bridging material for apical vaginal and uterine prolapse where surgical treatment (laparotomy or laparoscopic approach) is warranted.

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Videos & Media

ARTISYN® Y-Shaped Mesh Biomechanics Video (7 min 3 sec)

Detailed overview of the biomechanics of the ARTISYN® Y-Shaped Mesh.