Our purpose is to advance innovation in surgery

At Ethicon, we believe in delivering essential value and life-changing impact at the heart of healthcare.

Introducing the EVARREST® Fibrin Sealant Patch

Innovative adjunctive hemostatic solution that delivers greater than 94% reliable efficacy on the first attempt426 as demonstrated in challenging patient types and surgical situations.

Introducing the new PROLENE® Polypropylene Suture with HEMO-SEAL™ technology.
  • Tapers down suture at needle attachment site
  • Allows for a thinner needle
  • Reduces needle-to-suture diameter ratio
  • Enables suture to more completely fill the hole.
ECHELON FLEX™ Powered Vascular Stapler with Advanced Placement Tip

The ECHELON FLEX™ Powered Vascular Stapler gives you a narrower anvil, thinner shaft and more articulation than Endo GIA™ Curved Tip Reload with Tri-Staple™ Technology.

Ethicon is dedicated to education

Visit our customer education site to learn more about new approaches to surgery and to access continuing education materials.

Site References

  • Internal market analysis as of 1/31/2014. Data on file, Ethicon Endo-Surgery (SCN034259).
  • †† Benchtop testing in porcine stomach tissue. Mean tissue movement from after clamping on tissue to after firing ECHELON FLEX Powered Plus Stapler (PSEE60A) and ECHELON Reload with GST vs ENDO GIA™ ULTRA Handle (EGIAUSTND) and Endo GIA™ Reload with Tri-Staple™ Technology at 1.5, 2.5, 3.3 and 4.0mm tissue thicknesses (1.5mm; GST60B 1.067mm vs EGIA60AMT 2.452mm p < 0.001; 2.5mm: GST60G 1.148mm vs EGIA60AMT 3.261mm p < 0.001; 3.3mm: GST60T 0.642mm vs EGIA60AMT 4.806mm p < 0.001; 4.0mm: GST60T 0.654mm vs EGIA60AXT 5.116mm p < 0.001).
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