Wound Closure

DERMABOND ADVANCED® Topical Skin Adhesive

What is DERMABOND ADVANCED® Topical Skin Adhesive and why do doctors trust it?

Ask if DERMABOND ADVANCED Adhesive is right for you.

DERMABOND ADVANCED Adhesive is a liquid bonding agent that holds many cuts, wounds, and incisions together as effectively as stitches do.1,202,426,427,428,* It′s the strong, flexible, needle-free wound closure choice that puts you back into your day-to-day life.428,193

Exceptional wound protection.

Not only does DERMABOND ADVANCED Adhesive provide a strong, fast hold, it acts as a barrier to the bacteria that may lead to infection.1 Plus, DERMABOND ADVANCED Adhesive is waterproof, so you can shower immediately after surgery, as directed by your physician.1,430 You'll know your doctor is using the best when you see the skin adhesive with the purple tint.

The comfort you want.

Many people like DERMABOND ADVANCED Adhesive because it comes off by itself as the wound heals, and there's no pain or discomfort from bandages and dressings, or the removal of stitches or staples.1,430

Easy on your skin.

Since there are no stitches, there are none of the discolorations or "suture tracks" that stitches can leave around wounds and incisions.428 DERMABOND ADVANCED Adhesive is especially desirable for the sensitive skin on your face.428,507 That's why so many surgeons prefer to use DERMABOND ADVANCED Adhesive.1

How DERMABOND ADVANCED Adhesive works to protect you

The adhesive material in DERMABOND ADVANCED Adhesive acts as a strong microbial barrier to protect wounds while they heal.211

DERMABOND ADVANCED Adhesive wears off naturally after the wound can stay together on its own, which is usually 5 to 10 days.211 If your doctor uses absorbable sutures and DERMABOND ADVANCED Adhesive you will not need an appointment to remove stitches. However, your doctor may want to check on your progress.

Remember: only your doctor or other trained clinical professional can apply DERMABOND ADVANCED Adhesive.

Site References

  • * DERMABOND ADVANCED® Topical Skin Adhesive was shown in head-to-head testing to be equivalent or superior to DERMABOND® Topical Skin Adhesive in all major performance categories.
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