Case Studies

Bariatric Surgery Case Studies

Read real world examples of how employers and health plans implemented benefit design strategies to expand coverage for bariatric surgery.

MGM Resorts International™

Because of this company’s commitment to the health and well-being of its employees, they created an innovative surgical weight-loss alternative as part of its self-administered benefit plan to help improve employee quality of life while reducing obesity-related healthcare costs. Learn More

State of Louisiana

This case study outlines the benefit approach and outcomes that the State of Louisiana implemented for Bariatric Surgery. It also outlines the changes in total medical and total pharmacy expenses in obese individuals following Bariatric Surgery (6 years post surgery) and compared these costs to expenditures in obese patients that did not receive Bariatric Surgery. Learn More

Nevada Business Group on Health (NVBGH)

The study outlines the development of a Bariatric Surgery Network in Northern Nevada. NVBGH collaborated with hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and board-certified bariatric surgeons in order to address the issue of obesity and morbid obesity through contracting and bundled pricing. The approach was put in place to minimize contract negotiation time and the investment for coalition members as well as to stabilize the costs and limit the liability associated with bariatric procedures. Learn More

Colorado Springs School District 11

The Colorado Springs School District 11 has developed a passion for providing employees with health care options through their benefit plans that provide choices for improved outcomes and enhanced patient benefits. While reviewing minimally invasive surgery benefits, Colorado Springs School District 11 came across the benefits of laparoscopic bariatric surgery and chose to explore an enhanced benefit for their employees. Learn More

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