Minimally Invasive Surgery Case Studies

Minimally Invasive Procedure Case Studies

Read real world examples of how employers and health plans implemented cost reduction strategies to encourage adoption of minimally invasive procedures.

Colorado Springs School District 11

Colorado Springs School District 11 is an excellent example of a well-designed benefits plan that places value on minimally invasive surgeries. It has decreased the health benefit costs and led to improved patient care and overall outcomes. Learn More

Florida school system

This school system drove adoption of MIP to decrease direct and indirect costs associated with healthcare while improving surgical quality for their employees. Learn More

Hannaford grocery store chain

Hannaford is an example of a grocery store chain taking action to reduce their costs by focusing on the benefits on minimally invasive surgeries, from providing incentives to making available nurse educators for employees. Learn More

HealthSCOPE benefits

As a third-party administrator (TPA), HealthSCOPE Benefits utilized the adoption of MIP to bring value to its customers through decreased healthcare costs and improved surgical quality. Learn More

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