Healthcare Policy Overview

Healthcare Policy Overview

Healthcare policy

At Ethicon, we believe strongly that advances in surgery, in particular, minimally invasive techniques, can offer value and measurable advantages for all stakeholders. With smaller incisions, usually less pain and scarring, there can be a better overall medical experience for patients and doctors. Payors and employers may also benefit from the shorter hospital stays and faster recoveries of their employees and members.

Minimally invasive procedure incentives

Health plans and employers can drive the adoption of minimally invasive procedures by offering incentives to support these quality outcomes. Adjusting co-pay, modifying deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses can work to motivate patients to ask about the different options for their surgeries. Implementing prior-authorization requirements for open procedures and relaxing them for minimally invasive surgery may influence doctors to provide or refer patients to surgeons trained in minimally invasive techniques.

In the following sections are examples of strategies other payors and employers have implemented to provide higher quality care for patients at less cost for payors.

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