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Touch Surgery

Touch Surgery is a 3-D, app-based surgical simulation platform that lets you practice and rehearse surgery anytime, anywhere. You can think of it as brain training for surgery.

Academically validated surgical simulator553

Proven effective and efficient training tool

Published studies confirm the effectiveness of Touch Surgery. After using the app, novices had the same understanding as experts of the basic steps of a surgical procedure,554 and knowledge was acquired more quickly compared to traditional training methods such as reading or watching videos.555

Watch a video about the evidence behind Touch Surgery   video_library
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Virtual Residency Program

Track, evaluate and share knowledge with your residents like never before

The Virtual Residency Program lets program directors assign content to their residents and track their progress with real-time analytics, providing useful insights into residents’ competency levels. With content mapped to ACGME program requirements, academic medical centers around the world are incorporating Touch Surgery into their surgical residency training programs.

Learn more about the Virtual Residency Program   picture_as_pdf

Free and available on Android or iOS

Learn and master surgical steps for 100+ surgical procedures

Touch Surgery features content developed in collaboration with the Johnson & Johnson Institute and top surgeons around the world. Take your surgical training with you − anywhere you want to go.

Download the Touch Surgery Fact Sheet   picture_as_pdf

ENSEAL® X1 Large Jaw - Better Ergonomics
ENSEAL® X1 Large Jaw - Better Ergonomics

Contact your Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices representative today to enroll in the Touch Surgery Virtual Residency Program.

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