Bariatrics Surgery Resources for Payors and Employers

Bariatric Surgery

Learn more about bariatric surgery and the benefits/risks with these resources:

Bariatric Executive Summary

The Bariatric Executive Summary is an answer to Obesity using clinical and economic evidence to provide information about obesity, bariatric surgery treatment, and expanding patient coverage and access.

Shared Decision Making

Shared Decision Making (SDM) is a collaborative process that allows patients and providers to make health care treatment decisions together, taking into account the best scientific evidence available, as well as the patient’s values and preferences. Shared Decision Making honors both the provider’s expert knowledge and the patient’s right to be fully informed of all care options and the potential harms and benefits. This process provides patients with the support they need to make the best individualized care decisions, while allowing providers to feel confident in the care they prescribe.

SDM guides help patients understand their health condition, the available treatment and screening options, and the possible outcomes of these options.

Health Plans: A comprehensive resource ready for utilization with your provider network.
Employers: A resource to assist employees when surgical decisions need to be made--place in your onsite clinics or within your health website.

Shared Decision Making guides are available for:

Bariatric surgery articles

A study on the economic impact of bariatric surgery

Pierre-Yves Crémieux, PhD; Henry Buchwald, MD, PhD; Scott A. Shikora, MD; Arindam Ghosh, PhD; Haixia Elaine Yang, PhD; and Marric Buessing, BA A Study on the Economic Impact of Bariatric Surgery. Amercian Journal of Managed Care 2008 Sep;14(9):589-96. PubMed Link

This study was funded by Ethicon US, LLC.

Economic impact of the clinical benefits of bariatric surgery in diabetes patients with BMI >35kg/m2

Klein, Samuel, Economic Impact of the Clinical Benefits of Bariatric Surgery in Diabetes Patients with BMI >35kg/m2. Obesity 2010, Published online, 9/9/10,, PubMed Link

This study was funded by Ethicon US, LLC.

Utilization rate of bariatric surgery in an employee-based healthcare system following surgery coverage

Kim, Keith, Utilization Rate of Bariatric Surgery in an Employee-Based Healthcare System Following Surgery Coverage. Obesity Surgery 2010, 20(11): 1575-78. PubMed Link

This study was funded by Ethicon US, LLC.

Medication utilization and annual health care costs in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus before and after bariatric surgery

Makary, Martin, Medication Utilization and Annual Health Care Costs in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Before and After Bariatric Surgery. Archives of Surgery 2010, 145(8): 726-731. PubMed Link

This study was funded by Ethicon US, LLC.

Longitudinal cost experience for gastric bypass patients

Mullen DM, Marr TJ. Longitudinal cost experience for gastric bypass patients. Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases 2010, 6: 243-248. PubMed Link

Recent improvements in bariatric surgery outcomes

Encinosa WE, Bernard DM, Du D, et al. Recent Improvements in Bariatric Surgery Outcomes. Medical Care 2009, 47(5): 531-535. PubMed Link

Hospital complication rates with bariatric surgery in Michigan

Birkmeyer NJ, Dimick JB, Share D, et al. Hospital Complication Rates with Bariatric Surgery in Michigan. JAMA 2010, 304(4): 435-442. PubMed Link

Relationship between surgeon volume and adverse outcomes after RYGB in longitudinal assessment of bariatric surgery

Smith MD, Patterson E, Wahed AS, et al. Relationship between surgeon volume and adverse outcomes after RYGB in Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery (LABS) study Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases 2010, 4;6(2):118-125. PubMed Link

Informational Websites

Successful treatment of obesity is dependent upon the patient making a real commitment to lifelong changes. He or she needs to be fully invested in a weight loss program that may include traditional and minimally invasive bariatric surgery.

Share these resources with your employees and health plan members to help them understand the facts about their condition and possible options for treatment.

American Association of Preferred Provider Organizations (AAPPO)

Evidence Based Benefit Design for Bariatric Surgery, looks at the topic of Bariatric Surgery and provides considerations and guidance for PPO's.

AAPPO Bariatric Issue Brief Series-Case Studies Booklet.

Ethicon Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery
Learn more about bariatric surgical options and our science-based solutions that help deliver better outcomes across the continuum of care.

Science of Obesity
Learn about the science of obesity through this video. Load onto your website or share with others.

Health Central
Gain information on weight management and become connected with others facing those challenges.

Obesity Help
In-depth resource for weight loss surgery; research, forums and experiences.

The Mayo Clinic
Offers information on the relationship of weight to overall health, strategies for weight loss, and information about weight management treatments.

Obesity Action Coalition
Includes information and support for patients, and also serves as an advocacy organization.

USDA Food and Nutrition Resource Center
Created a comprehensive list of sources for consumers to assist in understanding health implications of obesity and weight loss strategies.

Medical Society & Scientific Position Statements

The position statements listed are written by leading medical experts making recommendations on the use of bariatric surgery as a treatment option for severely obese patients with T2 Diabetes.

Reimbursement coverage news

Ethicon's Reimbursement & Healthcare Economics team partners with healthcare payors, government agencies, advocacy groups, employers and health plans to increase patient access to care. Visit Reimbursement Coverage News for recent coverage changes.

Reimbursement Coverage News

Shared Decision Making: Obesity Management


Shared Decision Making for Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery

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