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We make it our job to share information and give you the resources you need to make the best decisions about coverage for minimally invasive surgery. Whether you're looking for the latest information on outcomes, or clinical evidence about laparoscopic surgery, we're here to help you every step of the way. For more detailed information on the tools and resources below, please contact us at Learn more about minimally invasive procedures and their benefits/risks with these resources.

Bariatric Executive Summary

The Bariatric Executive Summary is an answer to Obesity using clinical and economic evidence to provide information about obesity, bariatric surgery treatment, and expanding patient coverage and access.

Value of choice – empowering people through options

See examples of the non-branded patient education campaign that we developed for payors to utilize with their employees or members to create awareness of their surgical options and how best to choose the option that is of most value to them.

Shared Decision Making

Shared Decision Making (SDM) is a collaborative process that allows patients and providers to make health care treatment decisions together, taking into account the best scientific evidence available, as well as the patient’s values and preferences. Shared Decision Making honors both the provider’s expert knowledge and the patient’s right to be fully informed of all care options and the potential harms and benefits. This process provides patients with the support they need to make the best individualized care decisions, while allowing providers to feel confident in the care they prescribe.

SDM guides help patients understand their health condition, the available treatment and screening options, and the possible outcomes of these options.

Health Plans: A comprehensive resource ready for utilization with your provider network.
Employers: A resource to assist employees when surgical decisions need to be made – place in your onsite clinics or within your health website.

Our Shared Decision Making guides are available for the following areas:

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