Wound Closure

PROLENE® Polypropylene Suture with HEMO-SEAL™ Technology

PROLENE Suture with HEMO-SEAL technology Leak Rate Reduction Demo

Video shows significant reduction in leak rate in a cardiopulmonary bypass model.

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Experience the latest breakthrough in wound closure technology

Unique HEMO-SEAL technology tapers down the PROLENE Suture at the needle attachment site, allowing a thinner needle to be attached, resulting in a reduced needle-to-suture diameter ratio.

This enhanced ratio enables the suture to more completely fill the hole, leading to a significantly reduced leak rate, as shown in a cardiopulmonary bypass model.

HEMO-SEAL technology is used on procedures employing 3-0, 4-0 or 5-0 PROLENE Sutures. Select codes available on sharper, stronger, more bend resistant EVERPOINT™ Cardiovascular Needles.

Take advantage of our satisfaction guaranteed program

Rest assured with our Satisfaction Guaranteed Program: If you order a box and are not satisfied with the suture/needle performance for any reason, you can return the opened box and receive a box of equivalent PROLENE as a replacement, or receive a credit towards your hospital's next suture purchase.

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